The New Book: Pressure Baseball

by Mike Evans

Will be available in Q1 2017.

In 1976 Mike Evans wrote his first book that explored what he called the 4 Absolutes.

  1. 100% Weight Back
  2. Flexion
  3. Extension
  4. Follow-through

Now, after 40+ years of coaching and study he is releasing a completely rewritten version of his book with new insights, data, and expert opinions.

Actual book cover may differ once published.

Actual book cover may differ once published.


Power Pitching

by Mike Evans

Here you can download your copy of the original Power Pitching book published in 1976.


One: Weight Back

100% Weight Back

  1. Break Dip – 100% on Back Foot
  2. Hands break to a??? portion as back as far as arm of ??? go to consistent ??? or flex position.
  3. Pitchers need to SFT see what going to do, feel what you going to do, trust just do it. Visualization of each pitch.
  4. Stretch feet should be balance position feet not to close together. So you can have a quiet pick off mole??? and still shift wt. back to be 1.3 or less to the plate. Do not believe ?? step but a quick shift back to ??? positions.
  5. Break of hands depends on arm angle. Over the top hands close to body up & down relationship. Side arm – hands break away from body in a side to side relationship ¾ normal ??? delivery.
  6. Wind up or stretch hands have to break over the back side and ball starts back before any part of body goes for ???.
Two: Flexion


When stride foot hits at ??? 60% of wt back and throwing arm comes to a ??? of flex position.

Each pitcher has their?? own ??? ??? position that fits his arm angle. Hands need to ??? loose and relaxed so ready to explode to release. Key to backside remains taller than front side at strides leg plant so the pitcher can throw on a downward plane. The hand at ??? will be for RT handers toward ??? baseman and LT handers ??? will be toward SS.

Stretch position hands need to go back quickly to ??? position ??? or ???. This to the power position ready to eyelids. Stay loose and relaxed you have to be quick than strong at release.

Three: Extention


Flexion to extension is a explosion hand is form at release throwing off a from strand stride leg like you do when your hitting. Velocity ??? ??? in this flexion to extension sending ball on a downward plane with great lock spin on a downward plane.

The hands explode than proration will happen to protect the arm. The hands of through the same window for each pitch. If the hand stays still the pitcher will have constant release for all his pitches. This is to key to making a great pitcher who can spot up his pitcher.

The ??? side arm takes place at full speed in the arm angle of the pitcher. Sidearm pulls same plane at that angle and stays the same for ¾ and overtop. Lead arm pulls and through in the pitchers arm angle.

Four: Follow Through

Follow Through

V Back leg after release the key to protecting the arm is pronation to V of the back side leg. I have coached 40 years of pitching and do a long toss program everyday and because way emphasizing pronation and back side leg. We have had zero injuries to rotation ?? or Tommy John injury.

The V of the back side leg is even with the strides leg at the finish of the delivery.

I believe all coaches should be emphasizing??? The back side V to protect their players.


Thoughts, praise, and insights from former players, parents, and coaches.

Mike is an accomplished leader who has impacted the lives of young people for years. Integrity is a
highly visible quality represented through his work ethic, loyalty, commitment, and passion for people. He continually strives to make a difference in people’s lives as a coach, teacher, and family man. Mike has inspired me to grow as a coach and leader.
— Nick Harlan, Head Baseball Coach at York College
Coach Evans is one of the most qualified and prepared coaches I have been around in the game of baseball. He is willing to spend countless hours recruiting, working on scouting reports, and developing game plans to ensure that nothing is overlooked or under prepared. His intensity in preparation is one of his best qualities as a baseball coach.
— Derek Waddoups, Assistant Baseball Coach at SLCC
Coach has studied every aspect of the game of baseball inside and out. I have never met a head coach
that broke down every aspect of the game in so much detail. From all of his years of experience and
study of the game, Coach has developed some strong beliefs and unique philosophies. He has never
been afraid to think outside of the box, and he is always looking for a competitive edge over the
opponent. He is very persistent and has conviction behind everything he practices as a coach. Despite
the strong conviction, Coach has always been willing and ready to hear new ideas and evolve his
coaching techniques. Coach Evans has always been, and will always be a student of the game.
— Chris Emanuel, Assistant Coach at Lindenwood University
Mike will do whatever is necessary to
make sure that the people around him are successful, even if that means he sacrifices things for himself. As long as I have known Mike all he wants is for the people he is associated with to get the most out of their opportunity and be successful, not only on the field of competition but in life.
— Boyd Pitkin, Head Baseball Coach at Briar Cliff University